Kangasniemi municipality serves the business life and businesses in the region. The local authorities offer entrepreneurs good business conditions. The safe and clean environment in Kangasniemi provies a functioning backdrop for both running a business and living. The location of Kangasniemi is logistically excellent. We are close to the city of Jyväskylä, a growth centre, and yet in the best possible subsidy region by main road 13. Kangasniemi is not far from the nearest towns: Pieksämäki 48 km, Mikkeli 52 km and Jyväskylä 64 km.

There is a large variety of businesses and industry in Kangasniemi: wood processing, metal, construction, food stuffs and forestry, farming and transports as well as good number of service enterprises from sports, home appliances, furniture, handcrafts, clothes and shoe shops all the way to a pharmacy, coffeeshop-restaurants and businesses offering accommodation and tourist services. Our many specialist shop attract customers even outside our own municipality.

Kangasniemi is an enterprise- and entrepreneur-friendly municipality that can offer a wide range of support systems for businesses. Our local government and council are committed to processing business matters as flexibly and quickly as possible. Here the dialogue between entrepreneurs and local decision-makers is open and on-going. Kangasniemi provides small and medium-sized enterprises with an opportunity to get investment support as well as the municipality’s own versatile enterprise supports. Industrial building sites can be found here at very competitive prices.

Kangasniemen yrityksiä
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The municipal manager and the business advisor are at the disposal of companies in their early planning or starting stages as well as enterprises in full operation to help matters concerning business operation go forward. So, get in touch!

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