Municipality and administration

Municipal information and registrar’s office

  • Kangasniemi municipality was founded in 1867
  • Location by main road 13
  • Distances: Mikkeli 52 km, Jyväskylä 63 km, Pieksämäki 47 km, Helsinki 250 km
  • Area 1326 km2 (the fifth largest in Southern Savo), more than 20 % of the area is water
  • 5452 inhabitants (2018)
  • Trade and industry structure: primary production 17,7 %, manufacturing 20,6%, services 59,6 %, not classified 2,1 %
  • Large forest resources approx. 12 million cubic metres – yearly growth approx. 500,000 cubic metres

Registrar’s office

The registrar’s office makes sure that all documentary data that arrives at the municipality is registered and given a unique registration title of its own. A matter that has been registered and brought up will then proceed through the handling process and is decided on and filed in time.

Contact information for the Registrar’s office

Registrar’s office / Kangasniemi municipality
Otto Mannisen tie 2
51200 Kangasniemi

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