Day care and school


Daycare is an important part of a child’s growth and learning path and provides the basis for lifelong learning. The role of early childhood education in Kangasniemi is to support the growth and development of children together with their homes.

Daycare is provided in municipal day care centers and in municipal and private family day care.

If you need daycare for your child, contact the Early Childhood Education Director Henna Forss.

Daycare locations

  • Kalliola nursery: Kalliolantie 1 and Niirasentie 5
  • Vuojalahti nursery: Vuojalahdentie 16
  • Koittila group family day care: Pölläkänmäentie 25
  • Two family day care child minders in Kangasniemi center
Contact information

Special education teacher for early childhood education
Marja-Leena Pylväläinen
tel. 040 128 2848 (best achieved at 12 a.m -1 p.m.)