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Day care units

Day care units

Kalliolan päiväkoti

Kalliolantie 5, 51200 Kangasniemi

The unit offers part- and full-time care mostly to children of 1-5 years of age. Evening and weekend care is also available. The unit also functions as a secondary care unit for children in family day care.

Deputy head of day care unit

Riitta Tiusanen, 040 678 1061

Vuojalahden päiväkoti

Vuojalahdentie 16
Tel. 0400 232 421

Family day care

Kangasniemi has eight family day care givers who work in their own homes. Family day care offers the children day care in a small cosy group in the home of a professional, safe and motivated care giver.

Group family day care

Group family day care is organized at

Group family day care units employ 1-3 care givers depending on the number of children.

Private day care

Päivähoito Pikkuväki ry
Otto Mannisen koululla
Hokan koulutie 21
51200 Kangasniemi

tel. 040 515 1543 (Niina Lahikainen, Chairwoman of Pikkuväki ry)
040 717 4750 (Päiväkoti Pikkuväki)