Kangasniemi municipal library: rules of conduct

The library offers its clients a free use of literature, newspapers, periodicals and audiovisual material. The staff is glad to help you along in the library.

Library users can express wishes about the acquisition of library material not yet available at the library. Material can also be acquired from other libraries through the interlibrary service.

Right of use
Everyone who engages to follow the library rules has the right to use the library. The rules also apply in the mobile library. The right of use includes the right to use both library services and the internet. Deliberately damaging library material or disturbing behaviour towards the library’s work or clients will result in the loss of the right to use the library.

By disturbing behaviour towards library work and cliants we mean:

  • loud conversation and noisy behaviour
  • damage to library furniture and library material
  • intoxication
  • continued presence at he library without a reason
  • deliberate disturbance of other library goers or the staff.

A person causing disturbance can be immediately removed from the library on the staff’s order . These rules of conduct also apply in the mobile library.

Library card
Everyone who can verify their identity and engages with their signature to respect the library’s rules  of conduct is entitled to a library card. Young persons under 15 need their guardians consent.

The library card is a personal card and the card holder is responsible for all the material on loan on it. With under 15-year-olds the responsibility lies with the guardian. The card must always be   presented when you borrow material. The client must inform the library about any change of address or name. There is a charge for a library card given to replace a misplaced one.

Borrowing and loan-period
A library client can borrow as much material he/she sees fit at any one time. The loan time for books and periodicals is 4 or 2 weeks, for CD:s 2 weeks and CD-ROM:s, videos and DVD:s 1 week.

A loan can be renewed if there is no reservation on the material. You can place a reservation on  libarary material on loan.

The library’s liabilities
The library is not liable for any eventual damage caused to the clients equipment by recordings, videos, CD-ROM:s or DVD:s. The library is not liable for any eventual problems caused to the client by computer viruses.

The library is basically a  free service, we charge just the following fees:

  • reminders of expired loans
  • interlibrary orders
  • renewal of misplaced library card
  • misplaced or damaged material
  • copies

Data confidentiality
The library’s client and loan data is used solely for lending purposes. Data is never handed over for any outside use. The client is by the Personal Data Act entitled to view what data the library register has on him/her.

Comments on the library and its customer service can be made to the library director or her deputy.

No animals are allowed on the library premises. Only guide dogs can enter the library.