Boating and fishing

Berths owned by Kangasniemi municipality:

  • Käräjäniemi (Puulavesi)
  • Luotsinlahti (Puulavesi)
  • Janhosenlahti (Kyyvesi)

Boat ramps on lake Puulavesi:

  • Luotsinlahti (main village)
  • Käräjäniemi (Mannila)
  • Kinttuniemi (Hokka)
  • Ukonniemi (Hokka)
  • Kekonniemi (Ohensalo)

On lake Kyyvesi:

  • Henkisalmi

Additional information on  berths from building engineer Kim Aalto, Kangasniemi municipality, tel. 040 5151 738, kim.aalto(a) As for private berths and marinas, it is best to contact the owner personally.

Guest berthing

Kangasniemen vierasvenesatama / Kangasniemi guest marina
Service: Puula Sport tel. 040 157 0157, Toritie 2
open Mon-Fri 9-17, Sat 9-13

Mannilan kotisatama / vierasvenesatama / Mannila marina / guest marina

Boating and nature travel charts and maps

Boating charts for lake Puulavesi:
Puula Sport, Toritie 2, tel. 040 157 0157

Waterway travel charts for lakes Puulavesi and Kyyvesi,  charts for Naarajoki-Kyyvesi-Puulavesi canoe route:
Kangasniemi municipality, Otto Mannisen tie 2, tel. 040 139 1360

Common Fishing Areas
Kyyvesi common fishing area
Kyyvesi lure fishing area covers most of lake Kyyvesi common fishing area.

Licence sales in Kangasniemi:

  • Harri Lahikainen, tel. 0400 907 267

Lure fishing licence area in Puulavesi fishing area
Area approx. 14.300 ha. Trout, lake trout and arctic charr are planted in lake Puulavesi yearly. Medium size 18-23 cm. A lot of pike perch is also planted regularly. Prices 2015:

  • Yearly licence 150 € (valid till the end of the calendar year)
  • 30 day licence 75 €
  • 7 day licence  60 €
  • 2 day licence 40 €
  • The licences are boat-specific. A maximum of 10 trolling rods can be fished with at the same time. The minimum length of salmon, lake trout and archtic char is 60 cm. The minimum legth of pike perch is 50 cm. Trouts with an adipose fin must always be set free to enable eventual young fish from natural spawning  to multiply naturally.

Licence sales in Kangasniemi:
Kangasniemi municipality, Otto Mannisen tie 2, 51200 Kangasniemi, tel. 040 139 1360
You can also pay for your licence direct into the account of Puulan kalastusalue/ Puulavesi fishing area: FI1252710420216534. The receipt needs to indicate the validity time of the licence and its holder’s name, address and e-mail address. You can also pay on the internet in the -site. Please, have your licence on you at all times when you go fishing. And don’t forget the Fishing management fee. Contact person Rauno Jaatinen,tel. 020 7473 566