Way  to school  and school  transport

School transport is free in Kangasniemi for

  • basic education pupils in the 3rd to 9th grade if their way to school is longer than 5 km.
  • Pre- school pupils and children in the 1st or 2nd grade if their school trip is over 3 km.

There are no exceptions to the kilometre limits (like 2.9 km). All pupils are treated equally. A pupil’s way to school is determined via the shortest way or cycling route fit for walking from the home gate to the school gate.

The right to free transport can also be granted when, taking into consideration the pupil’s age and other circumstances, the school trip becomes too difficult, strenuous or dangerous for the child. Instead of the free transport the family can be given an adequate grant to enable them to transport or take their child to school.

Kangasniemi municipality’s school transport system is based on certain routes used for taxi and buss transport. The organizer of the teaching (the municipality) decides on what mode of transport is applied to which route. The school transport may not necessarily cover the pupils’ whole way to school. The pupils should be prepared to manage a part of the journey on their own.

As a rule, the pupils are not picked up from their home court yards. They are expected to come to the side of the transport route on their own and then they can join the transport. The longest distance a pupil is expected to go alone is three kilometres one way. A pupil can be picked up in their own yard if a doctor’s or other specialist’s certificate states that the child needs transport from  home.

The guardian is obliged to inform the school if a pupil does not need transport for the sake of illness or some other reason.

Guided activities can be arranged for pupils waiting for their transport. While they wait they can do their daily home work or study something else under the supervision of a teacher or another person. The waiting time can be used for student union work, visiting the library, club activities etc. The pupils may also be given an opportunity to take part in remedial instruction and school work.