Pupil and student care

Kirsi Laitinen, tel. 0400 710 716 (at 8 – 9) is the school nurse for pupil and student health care.

The school nurse sees pupils without appointment on school mornings between eight and nine at the Beckerin koulu -school (Beckerintie 2)  and by appointment at other times. The entrance to the school nurse’s office is through the front door at the sports field end of the school building. The nurse visits all village schools once a month, usually on Thursdays.

The school nurse makes appointments with the school doctor for the pupils. If necessary, the school health care system directs the pupil to special services: psychologist, dietist, mental health and rehabilitation services for children and the young, specialist nursing etc. In case of an accident at school the pupil is sent to the health station for further treatment whenever necessary.

A dental check-up is done to all pupils according to the schedule set by the dental care unit.

School and student health care, nursing after an accident at school and transport to treatment are free of charge. However, the pupil is charged for the actual medical treatment according to the usual practice.

School curator and school psychologist
School curator Riikka Koponen and psychologist Noora Jukola-Paananen are available for consultations and examination help if a pupil has problems with school. The problems can be anything from learning and concentration difficulties, behavioural problems, neglected school work, bullying and friends to the pupil’s mental health issues and acute crises at school. Support is also given in problem situations involving leasure time or the pupil’s family. The aim is to support the pupil’s school work and general development with an emphasis on early intervention and preventive actions.  The work is confidential and it is done in cooperation with the parents, teachers and, if necessary, other parties involved with the pupil’s life.

Contact information: Curator, tel. 040 1397 644 and psychologist, tel. 040 0549 528

Anti-bullying programme
KiVa-koulu is an action programme against bullying. You can find out more about it and order material from www.kivakoulu.fi or ask at the school. All the schools in Kangasniemi apply the programme.