Home – School  cooperation

The parents carry the primary responsibility of raising their child. The school takes care of educating the pupils and integrating them into the school community. It is the school’s duty to keep the child’s guardians informed so that they can monitor and promote their child’s schoot work and learning. Cooperation between home and school is essential for the child’s schoolwork to florish.

School is seen as the pupil’s own responsibility right from pre-school or first grade. Support from home and an interest in their school work are significant for a pupil all through comprehensive school. The parents play a particularly important role in the shaping of study goals and and assessing the pupils progress.

We have a variety of ways to create a good contact between home and school. Cooperation between home and school can take the form of parents’ evenings, parties, open door -days and joint outings etc. In the case of the child’s own class we have parents’ meetings, discussions, the child’s study goals, assessment discussions and the class’s own parties and outings. The teacher and the parents can decide together how their practical cooperation will be realized and information exchanged. Written bulletins, e-mail, notebook in schoolbag and telephone conversations are all parts of the cooperation equation. The year 2015 saw the introduction of the WILMA programme for the communication between home and school.

A regular dialogue between home and school helps dealing with problem situations. The significance of cooperation is particularly evident when there are changes in the child’s life, such as a new teacher or a new school.

If you find yourself wondering about some aspect of school work it is always good to first get in touch with the child’s own teacher. The heads of primary and secondary comprehensive and upper secondary schools as well as the deputy head of the comprehensive school will be there to support you. They are all responsible for their own schools’ home – school cooperation.

Every autumn Kangasniemi’s schools celebrate a National Home and School Day which involves cooperation between guardians, pupils and the schools’ collaboration partners in the planning and organisation of a wide range of activities for the day. We encourage cooperation for the common good!